About Us

Fishtail Loan Professionals, a Texas based limited liability company was established by few energetic and seasoned mortgage professionals solely to serve borrowers and provide cost saving and painless mortgage borrowing experience by leveraging cutting-edge technologies. We are partnering with talented IT professionals from different areas to provide borrowers with a unique mortgage shopping experience and cost saving loans for their dream homes. We are committed to bringing new technologies such as intuitive web tool, custom mobile apps for borrowers and by optimizing end-to-end loan process to cut process cost and pass on the savings to borrowers.

Fishtail Loan Professionals work with borrowers to find suitable loan products by comparing various loan products offerings from various financial institutes and process best suited mortgage options for borrowers.

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Our Mission

To serve clients and provide a best mortgage loan borrowing experience with cutting- edge technologies at its disposal.


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Ashok Tripathi

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Sameer Barakoti

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Sanjay K. Rajbhandari

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Suman Shivakoti

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Utsab Lohani

Mortgage Loan Originator(MLO) Details

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Sameer Barakoti

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Suman Shivakoti

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Bigyan Tripathi

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Deepika Bista

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